Saturday, 24 November 2012

British Tourism Part Two - Scotland

This is part two of my summary of British tourism and we’re looking at Scotland. Wales was part one and so far the least popular despite Rhod Gilbert’s excellent adverts. I think it's only because they come last in the comedy stereotype championship. Scotland places in a strong third but it will always be a winner in my heart. I may even be one of the few human beings (or indeed general life forms) that sincerely enjoys the sound of bagpipes.

You can’t tell me that the sound doesn’t stir the heather and mountains in your soul. Now look at this:

After the click we’ll find out about all sorts of things including haggis, whiskey, that damn Nessie and also how you (yes YOU) can become a Scottish Laird for the low LOW price of twenty US dollars!

Monday, 5 November 2012

British Tourism Part One - Wales

There are lots of stereotypes around the British Isles. From Scotland to Ireland and especially the various parts of England, I could compile a huge database of comedy characteristics. Some we can be proud of – like Scotland’s whiskey industry or love of shortbread. Others are slightly embarrassing – like England’s habit of conquering and exploiting huge parts of the world and population. We’re long past the days of reciprocal vengeance though. Guys? Right? This is why I feel a bit awkward writing about Wales - because not only am I not Welsh but I'm also mainly English. So forgive me for that before we even start.

In terms of stereotypes, the poorest country in the British Isles is Wales. There’s only a handful of clich├ęs that I can name offhand – choir singing, leeks, and that thing about the sheep.

 That sheep has sprung a LEEK! HA!

This is unfair because Wales is a beautiful country with friendly people. A few years ago they started promoting its tourist industry with the help of infamous stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert:

After the click let’s have a look at what Wales has to offer. Then maybe one day Charlotte Church or Catherine Zeta Jones will read this and finally agree to marry me/respond to my letters.

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